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Marie Le Clainche – Piel
CNRS fellow
Member of the Cermes3

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I am a sociologist and CNRS fellow.

I work mainly on the practices, technologies, scientific theories and policies of the circulation of body materials – be they human remains, organs, cells, gametes.

As an elected member of the French network for the sociology of health, medicine and disability (AFS RT19) I am committed to the dissemination and representation of this global field of research.

Research Projects

Algorithms Against Organ Shortage. A Comparative Sociology of Health Resources Allocation (From 2022)

Sharing Organs Through Algorithms 2020-2021 (postdoc)
This project addresses the technological responses to organ allocation in France and the UK. I look at how artificial intelligence is called for to help decide which patient on the waiting list gets to receive an organ, in a context of global shortage where not all patients survive the wait.

Political sociology of the treatment of human remains 2019-2020 (postdoc)
This collective research project directed by Nicolas Fischer, Florence Galmiche, Milena Jaksic and Carolina Kobelinski, focuses on the treatment of corpses in violent or controversial contexts.

What the Flesh Carries. A Sociological Approach to the Emergence of Face Transplant 2010-2018 (PhD)
Under the supervision of Nicolas Dodier and Catherine Rémy, I dedicated my doctoral research to the following question: How has the face become an organ, object of donation and transplantation?