Here is a list of the courses I have had the opportunity to prepare and teach for various academic and professional audiences.

Qualitative methods – Ethnography 
Program: epistemology classes, supervision of the students’ researches, their observation reports and the restitution process to the respondents 
Level: Master 1, Sciences Po  Format: Lectures – 24h 

Introduction to Sociology and Anthropology 
Program: Classic authors (Mead, Lévi-Strauss, Durkheim, Mauss, Weber, Marx) and contemporary themes: gender and work (Marry), body (Détrez), racial categories (Jobard, Lévy, Lagier), pratiques électorales (Braconnier, Dormagen), associative work (Soulié), structures d’âges (Bourdieu, Peugny, Van de Velde) 
Level: Licence 1 Sciences de l’éducation, UPEC 
Format: Tutorials – 180h and lectures – 15h 

Sociology of Deviance and High-risk Behaviors 
Program: History of the sociology of deviance (Mucchielli), career of deviance (Becker), stigma and social information (Goffman), stigma and disability (Winance), white-collar crime (Sutherland) 
Level: Licence 2 Sciences de l’éducation, UPEC 
Format: Tutorials – 80h and lectures – 12h 

Educational Policies and Institutions 
Program: Sociology and history of secularism (Baubérot), handicap and school (Plaisance), social reproduction and school (Bourdieu). 
Level: Licence 1 Sciences de l’éducation, UPEC 
Format: Tutorials – 30h 

Sociology of Disability and Social Policies 
Program: Socio-history of disability, concepts, regulations, sociology of social movements and disability activism in Europe and the United States 
Level: Continuous training for employees, Caisses d’Allocations Familiales, IRFAF 
Format: Full days of lectures and tutorials – 70h 

Gender, Culture and Madness (in English) 
Program: Cultural anthropology of mental health, history of madness and gender 
Level: Undergraduates, Université Washington, St Louis (USA) 
Format: Tutor assistant – 12h 

Introduction to Sociology 
Program: Epistemology of social sciences, social classes, familial structures 
Level: Licence 1 AES, Evry University 
Format: Tutorials – 64h 

Economics of Social Protection 
Program: Social protection systems within the OECD, health and aging risks 
Level: Master 1 AES, Paris I Sorbonne University 
Format: Tutorials – 32h